ReBioStent Special Session at the UKSB 2016 in London

The 15th annual Conference UK Society for Biomaterials took place 30 June – 1 July.

Venue: Regent Street Cinema, University of Westminster, London

This year there was a special session dedicated to Professor Larry Hench; a session with focus on cell oriented work where we were joined by members from Tissue and Cell Engineering Society and European Cell Proliferation Society and a Science for Industry session sponsored by the ReBioStent project, “Reinforced Bioresorbable Biomaterials for Therapeutic Drug Eluting Stents”, from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration (FP7) and the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN).

The aim was to provide a varied experience of both excellent research in the area of biomaterials including state of art, innovative work with synthetic and natural polymers, complemented with their application in the production of near to market products including medical devices, tissue engineering scaffolds and controlled delivery constructs.

The venue for the conference was a truly historic site owned by the University of Westminster, the Regent Street Cinema, built in 1848 and was the first in the country to show moving pictures. In 1896, the cinema showcased the Lumière brothers’ Cinématographe to a paying audience, and, as the curtain fell, British cinema was born.

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