ReBioStent consortium met in Bochum, Germany

ReBioStent consortium met in Bochum, Germany, where important meetings for the project took place.
On 25th February the consortium held a seminar to develop the best Exploitation Strategy for the project results, organised by the European Commission and lead by Pr. Dr. Ing. Mounib Mekhilef.

On the next day, and still with the exploitation objectives in mind, the project organised the First Medical Advisory Board meeting to receive important feedback from clinical cardiologists on the approach to stent development being followed, the state of technology development and future directions. In this field the clinical points of view are not only very important for successful exploitation of the results, but also crucial to decide on the best materials, design, and processes to serve the market needs and bring the best benefit for the society and medical world. In addition to the project participants and the Medical Advisory Board members, the Project Technical Advisor Dr. Wilhelm Engström also participated in the meeting and contributed with valuable recommendations.
The consortium is following on with the 5th Project Plenary Meeting on the 27th to agree the next steps and actions for the coming quarter.

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