Deliverable No.Deliverable nameDownload LinkDelivery Date (project month)
D1.1Generation of material and stent protocols to meet current standards for both metallic and biodegradable stents1
D1.3Determination of optimal surface properties for ideal stent materials2
D4.2Development of optimised coating technology of stent prototypeslink18
D4.3Development of manufacturing technology for stent coating18
D5.3Report on selection of the best combination of carriers and drugs14
D6.4Report on stress, stiffness, and recoil analysis14
D6.6CFD model of blood flow and diffusion18
D6.7Report on degradation analysis18
D6.8Report on stent fatigue life18
D6.9Final report on the computational modelling work incorporating feedback from other WPs28
D7.2Report on material conversion and processing.18
D7.3Delivery of 8 stent prototypes including a draft report on the stent mechanical properties24
D8.1Standardised protocols to analyse cytotoxicity, platelet and leucocyte activation, cell adhesion and proliferation for the newly developed materials and stent prototypes12
D8.2Report regarding cytocompatibility of the newly developed materialslink
D8.3Protocol for optimised pre-seeding of luminal and abluminal stent surface with the two different cell types (HCMEC and HSMC)link18
D8.4Report regarding cytocompatibility of the eight developed stent prototypes21
D8.6Cell culture studies in the Biomechanoreactor34
D8.7Standardised HPLC protocol adapted to drug eluting and ELISA protocol for the analysis of cytokine expression profiles under dynamic conditionslink21
D8.8Final report regarding in vitro assays: Cell culture results on Stent prototypes under dynamic conditions36
D9.1Results on single stent assessment in rabbits-small animal assay33
D9.2Report on stent selection34
D9.3Report on stent assessment in large animals35
D9.4Production of the Investigational Medicinal Product Dossier36
D10.1Annual Report on control procedures24
D10.2Final Report on control procedures36
D11.2Project Website3
D12.6Final Project Report36
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