ReBioStent provides an innovative yet pragmatic solution to the need for a biodegradable, robust, cost effective cardiovascular stent to replace the current metallic stents through the development of a novel bioresorbable material capable of:

  • Allowing a novel stent design which will have sufficient mechanical properties to open the arterial wall wide enough to promote normal blood flow.
  • Degrading after a predefined, carefully engineered period, thus preventing common complications associated with conventional stents such as inflammation, in stent restenosis and thrombosis.
  • Increasing the quality of life due to an improved stent biocompatibility, particularly enhanced endothelialisation, decreased smooth muscle proliferation, and lack of acidic degradation products which will negate the need for additional interventions or invasive surgical procedures.




The following properties will be designed into the polymer materials:

  • Suitable elasto-plastic mechanical properties which would enable the stent to inflate and provide the required stiffness and radial strength immediately after surgery;
  • Bioresorbable, being resorbed in the body once tissue regeneration and revascularisation have taken place;
  • Biocompatible, eliminating adverse inflammatory reactions inherent with metallic stent;
  • Non-toxic, because the stent material is proposed to be assimilated in the body in the long term.
  • Adequate radiopacityto assist clinicians in assessing the in vivo location of the stent
  • Drug delivery: The stent material will act as a vehicle for loading drugs efficiently
  • Inexpensive to manufacture
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